Maria purchased an Xwide Numo Arms for her husband, then a week later was back for another!  I commented that it must have been successful and she replied …

“Yes, it is the most wonderful thing!  My husband isn’t a small fellow and he has had back fusion surgery.

We have tried various toilet surrounds and this is fantastic as it allows him access and there isn’t a lot of equipment in the bathroom for him to fall over but still giving him the support he needs to get up. 

We have a two storey house and put the first one downstairs and when I got home yesterday he said that it would be safer for him to have another one upstairs to use during the night.

 Thank you so much for a high quality product.”


From Maria C, Queensland February 2013

“I was having problems after a knee operation but didn’t really want a frame in my toilet. I saw the Numo Arms when we were shopping at Bathroom Warehouse and thought that it might work. It not only looks good but has helped me immensely.”

From Maria- Perth December 2012

After answering John’s questions about Numo Arms he decided to go ahead and purchase one for his wife.

“Would the numo arms seat aid be able to take the weight of a person weighing just over 120kgs using it. The wife has both knees needing replacing, so is having trouble lifting off the toilet seat to stand up. She is also looking at the metal frames but we have 4 grandkids who live with us under 6yrs old so the frame may get in their way and this may be the answer to her needs.

The seat has been a blessing for my wife. It makes it so much easier for her to get up and down.”

From John – New South Wales November 2012