Technical Specifications

Base Plate

NUMO Toilet Seat Arms base plate is manufactured from high tensile 8 mm thick steel which is zinc etched and plastic coated in appliance white.


NUMO Arms are manufactured from high impact Nylon reinforced polymer in white to match most toilet accessories.


Two stainless steel bolts secure the Arms into position. The Arms have three height positions, the maximum being 265mm from the base plate

Available as:

  • Standard – Base plate 530 mm between arms*

  • Extra Wide – Base Plate 560 mm between arms*

*See additional information “below” regarding widths

Width Measurements

Standard NUMO

530mm at base without arms

505mm at base with arms at lowest point

485mm at top between arm rests

Extra Wide NUMO

560mm at base without arms

535mm at base with arms at lowest point

515mm at top between arm rests

*All measurements internal

Maximum Recommended Loading 150 Kg.


NUMO Toilet Arms are secured to the pan with Nylon or metal fixing bolts normally supplied with the toilet seat.

Base Plate Fixing Holes

NUMO Base Plates feature two slotted holes to the rear based on the Australian Standard of 155mm for toilet seat fixings. There is some room for adjustment. Please check measurement before ordering as some US pans differ from this dimension.



NUMO Toilet Arm systems have been structurally tested by a certified testing authority for static durability loadings to a maximum of 150 KG [standard and Extra Wide models] and comply with Type A Domestic and Institutional use AS 3973: 2005 – AS 4688.2 and [ISO 7173].

Corrosion Resistance

NUMO Toilet Arm base plates were subjected to a 1000 hour salt spray test by a Certified Testing Authority and comply with Type A AS 2331.3.1 for application in bathrooms, showers and toilets.

TGA Info

NUMO Toilet Arms are registered with TGA as a Class 1 Medical Device – ARTG# 204027