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The NumoArms Story

“I’m having trouble doing…….is there anything that will help?”

This is one the most common questions I have been asked, along with concerned relatives, children or spouses asking what they can do to make Mum or Dad’s life a little easier and in some cases stop them from having little accidents as they age.

Often the solutions are quite simple. It is just deciding on what is the best product to suit the person and the situation. Spending a little extra time asking about difficulties being experienced, who else is around to help, what they are currently doing to manage the situation along with practical questions regarding space available and structural restrictions will mean that the correct product is purchased first without the need for return trips and exchanges.

For example, let’s say that the main issue for our client today is that they are having trouble sitting down without dropping or falling onto the toilet and are also in turn having problems getting up again. There are several solutions to this problem which generally fall into two categories – either making the toilet higher or adding arms in some form.

Making the toilet higher may involve using a Toilet Frame which has its own seat and the ability to raise the height – the adjustment normally in the legs by way of a spring loaded button on each leg. These also have their own arms allowing the user to push down to assist in standing up.

If getting up isn’t the issue and just extra height is needed there are several heights raisers on the market which clamp or fix to the toilet bowl in some way. You would need to remove the existing lid and seat for this option.

If the user just needs a hand to stand up and doesn’t need the extra height – options include having grab rails fixed to the side walls or using a frame which surrounds the toilet on three sides, front for stability below the level of the seat and at the sides with arms to assist in rising similar to the Toilet Frame.

In family situations where there may only be one toilet in the home, some of these items can be quite intrusive for the rest of the family. Also residents in rental properties may experience difficulty in obtaining permission to have grab rails installed. If this is the case, one solution may be NumoToilet Arms which simply provide a pair of arms to assist is sitting down and rising from the toilet. They would most likely end up being used by the whole family, not just the family member they were purchased for in the first place.

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