DIY Installation

NUMO Toilet Arms are easy to install. If you have replaced a toilet seat, then you will find NUMO a breeze!

Getting Started

*Open the box containing your new NUMO Toilet Arms and lay everything out on a clean flat surface


Plastic coated steel base plate x 1

Nylon reinforced plastic arms x 2

Stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers x 2 each

Plastic buttons – self adhesive – for covering head of screws x 5 (a couple of spares!)

Brochure and Printed installation instructions x 1 each

Step One

Remove the lid and seat from the toilet bowl and give everything a good clean!

Slide plastic arms over the base plate upstands so that the bottom hole in the arm lines up with the preferred hole in the base. Insert the stainless steel bolts making sure the countersunk heads are located to the inside of the arm and tighten nut over washer – firm but not over tight!


Step Two

Place the NUMO base with arms already attached over the toilet pan lining up the two rear holes in the base with those in the pan.


Step Three

Reposition your seat and lid back over the base plate and pan and secure with the nylon or metal fixing bolts used originally.


Step Four

Stick the clear plastic buttons over the head of each screw. (Save the spares in case you lose one) Your NUMO Toilet Arms is now ready to use. If necessary the arms can be adjusted higher or lower as required without removing the entire unit from the toilet.


NOTE: Some older style seats have a skirt to the sides which may prevent the seat sitting down on the front of the pan with the NUMO Toilet Arm installed. You should purchase a new seat which is flat on the underside from your local supermarket and hardware store.

*Remember to dispose of the cardboard carton and packaging in an environmentally friendly manner.

Cleaning and General Maintenance

Use any good quality non-abrasive bathroom cleaner. Periodically remove the seat and the NUMO Toilet Arms and clean between the base plate and pan. Also check the fastening bolts (the ones that also bolt the seat and lid on) every so often and just tighten as necessary.